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Take Your Contact Center Experience to a Whole New Level with ATSG 

What is a Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud contact center unifies calls, texts, messages, email, and social media channels of an organization within a single software solution or platform. The term “Cloud” at the beginning depicts this entire solution is hosted and delivered by a service provider.

Contact Centers are gaining a lot of importance in the current business landscape. We have seen a massive shift in customer behavior and purchasing habits. With so many alternatives out there for almost every product or service, keeping customers happy is paramount.

Cloud Contact Centers enable businesses to manage the entire Customer Lifecycle effectively, efficiently, and seamlessly. Whether it’s a prospective or an existing customer, a cloud contact center is fully capable of delivering the desired outcomes.

Now that we have defined the “outlines” of a Cloud Contact Center, let us jump straight into the multi-faceted benefits businesses can avail by deploying them.

How Does a Cloud Contact Center Work?

A Cloud Contact Center is hosted out of the infrastructure of a specialized service provider. It combines multiple customer touchpoints, such as call, text, email, messaging and social media, etc. into a single software, platform, or solution.

The deploying organization can leverage a Cloud Contact Center via the “as a Service” model. As a result, the deploying enterprise does not require any up-front investment in IT hardware, making it a cost-efficient and “accessible” option for a business of any size.

The service provider manages all the underlying hardware, software, protocols, mechanisms, and operations. Organizations that want to deploy cloud contact centers just need to identify the channels they want to adopt for customer interactions and get going.

Why Choose ATSG Cloud Contact Center?

ATSG is a rapidly growing provider of Managed Services and Technology Solutions as a Service (TSaaS), across the globe. The company has a large portfolio of digital technologies, with un-rivaled experience and capabilities in deploying Cloud Contact Centers.

Over its years of active presence in digital technology solutions, ATSG has forged strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading Cloud Contact Center solution providers. The company has invested heavily in some of the industry’s leading professional certifications.

As a prospect looking to deploy a Cloud Contact Center, ATSG’s wealth of experience, coupled with the adoption of industry-leading tools, solutions and capabilities will equip your organization to not only meet but exceed customer expectations.