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Empowering Your Digital Workspace 

Are you struggling to manage your time effectively?

Remote workers face unique challenges! With the move to hybrid and remote work, you may find that you struggle to balance time between the many meetings, last-minute tasks, and impromptu calls that can arise. Most employees allow the boundary between home and work to blur, which results in reduced performance and increased burnout.

In this video presentation, ATSG discusses how Citrix's Digital Workspace is enabling the modern, hybrid workforce by:

  • Reimagining where and how work gets done with virtualization and cloud solutions tasks automation

  • Providing access to apps on any device and rolling out remote cloud desktops in record time, from anywhere

  • Securing multi-cloud infrastructure with advanced analytics

  • Replacing traditional VPNs with a zero-trust approach

ATSG welcomed special guest and best-selling author, Dave Crenshaw! Dave gave a thought-provoking presentation on how to effectively manage your time and increase your productivity by up to 20%!

Learn how your organization can support secure hybrid work with one workspace solution.

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